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Below are a few testimonials from AzHAM members that have attended the conferences and benefit from their membership… ENJOY…….


Peggy Mohns, Tucson Medical Center, Supervisor, Patient Access Services


In all my years of being CHAM certified one of the most enjoyable experiences has been attending the AzHAM conference. The conference is a great way to network and meet others who work within patient  access services. The conference also features great motivational speakers who influence me to perform better in my own job. The AZHAM conference is also a great place to learn about new technologies or processes that can be used. I feel that I always come away with information or ideas that can be implemented within our own department. The AZHAM conference can also just be a fun time with all of the activities and photo ops.



Sue Ojeda, Tucson Medical Center, Senior Manager, Revenue Cycle Management


I have been a member of AzHAM for the better part of my 30 plus years in healthcare and have also served on the Board in numerous positions.  This local organization has allowed me to meet many new friends in the industry who share in the same daily struggles, challenges and opportunities we face in Patient Access.   I enjoy attending the yearly conference to hear from the dynamic speakers on topics of current interest, networking with my peers and seeing what the vendors have to offer to assist with our daily workloads.  I always feel refreshed and motivated after spending the day with people who share in the enthusiasm of being able to make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.





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 Sue Ojeda