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Arizona Association of Healthcare Access Management

Welcome to our 2019 annual AzHAM conference! 


Fellow AzHAM Members,


It is a very exciting time in health care, especially with health care facilities implementing new electronic health records. The new changes within revenue cycle as well as other departments present an opportunity to learn and grow. We have learned to adapt through these monumental changes and now is the time to reflect as well as see how other organizations have found solutions to problems.


Thank you for attending our super conference today and seeking ways to further develop your skills. We are very excited for you all to experience our wonderful speakers today, especially our keynote speaker, Ro Rusnock. I hope we all will gain some positive insight from her atomic tools! Thank you for your support with our conference; you are all super heroes!



Katie Robison
President of AzHAM

(480) 342-4990




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Welcome from Your AzHAM President

Katie Robison