AzHAM Board of Directors 2019-2020



President: Kaitlyn Robison
Mayo Clinic (480) 342-4990


Vice President: Jarrod Brown,

Banner University Medical-Acute, AZ Region

(520) 594-4625


Membership Chair: Michelle Brinkley
Wickenburg Community Hospital (928) 668-5505


Publication Chair: Cathy Gragg, CHAM
Tucson Medical Center (520) 324-1355


Education Chair: Adriane Newell-Bauer
Yavapai Regional Medical Center (928) 771-5111


Secretary:  Alicia Blanco

Valleywise  Health—Tempe Diablo (480) 344-8065


Treasurer: Joy Everson
Mayo Clinic (480) 342-4054


Conference Chair:  Christina Holmes

Yavapai Regional Medical Center  (928) 759-5969


Past Presidents:  Yvonne Chase, CHAM
Mayo Clinic (480)342-4472








Message from Your AzHAM  President, Katie Robison


Fellow AzHAM Members,

It is a very exciting time in health care, especially with health care facilities implementing new electronic health records. The new changes within revenue cycle as well as other departments present an opportunity to learn and grow. We have learned to adapt through these monumental changes and now is the time to reflect as well as see how other organizations have found solutions to problems. With starting a new position right before Mayo Clinic’s Epic go-live, I have learned to embrace change and encourage others through that transition.

I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s conference and further developing ourselves. If you have any hot topics you would like discussed at the conference or are interested in becoming a presenter or part of our conference committee, please email Donna Cammiso-Pickering our Education Chair.

Thank you for your support with our wonderful conference last year and we look forward to making this one even greater!



Katie Robison
Vice President of AzHAM

(480) 342-4990

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Arizona Association of Healthcare Access Management

First of all, I would like to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Successful New Year.









Please Mark Your Calendars for the 45th NAHAM Conference to be held in Orlando, FL April 23-26, 2019. This is going to be a very exciting Conference so please try to attend.  IF this is your first conference, please apply for one of the Scholarships that is offered and you can go on line to to see all the ones available.

Also while you are on the Website there are many benefits if you are a member that is available including Salary Survey, CHAA and CHAM Prep courses, NAHAM Journal so many great topics.  Also the Information about the 2019 Access Keys Award will be announced soon and that is something you







CHAM / CHAA Application and Testing 2019:

Testing Window:                 Application Deadline:
April                                         February 28
July                                           May 31
October                                   August 31



Just a quick Funny:


A Lady walks up to the Registration with her cell phone and Registration replied with: We Need a PHOTO ID and Insurance Card.  We Can’t Verify your Identity With YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! 
Maxine H. Wilson – CHAA  CHAM

NAHAM Ambassador
(865) 898-7097

EDUCATION CENTER                            


Happy to report that I have successfully passed the CHAM certification exam.  I contribute my success in passing the exam to my 30 years in healthcare and studying for the exam.  It is not an easy exam. Not sure if you are aware be the pass rate is less than 50%. All those who stated they were interested in a study group, look for an email from me titled CHAM/CHAA Certification Study Group, the email will include names of AzHAM member forming a study group, if you didn’t answer that question on the survey and are interested, just email me.  I will be more than happy to facilitate if the study group wishes. 

If you have any Patient Access successes or great articles to share please email me your AzHAM Education Chair at, We may feature your information on our website or future newsletters.









Become a Member!

We are very excited to see our membership from around the state continue to grow, we had over 65 registered members for the 2018 annual conference.  If you would like more information about becoming a member, please see our website at or contact any AzHAM board member.  AzHAM is currently offering annual memberships for all Healthcare professionals.

Arizona Association of 
Healthcare Access Management

AzHAM      Issue No.35  Winter 2018-2019

Great Conference

The 2018 annual conference was another successful conference and attendance even top previous years.  It was great to see our fellow colleagues from Banner Health and looking forward to their continued participation.  We have many one of the largest to date. Great Keynote speaker and breakout sessions. Check out the Facebook page for conference photos.











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